Monday, April 17, 2017

Local Thresholding from Zxing Library (Java)

Although OpenCV has its own local threshold method, such as adaptiveThreshold, I was looking for something a bit sophisticated and better. After some search, I came across Zxing's HybridBinarizer class that does the job much better than simple adaptiveThreshold from OpenCV. So, below is a very rough code to make use of this excellent library in Java. If you want to do this in C++, refer to this tutorial.

I admit that the code above is a bit messy, but it is just for testing out to see this actually works. In writing the code, I would like to acknowledge the following especially helpful references.

To compile the file and run it, first, create with the code above. Then, download Zxing's core library file (most recent version at the time of writing this is core-3.3.0.jar) form here. Then, run the following, assuming the jar file is in the same directory.

$ javac -cp ".:core-3.3.0.jar"
$ java -cp ".:core-3.3.0.jar" Test image_to_test.jpg

This will output the local thresholded image binary_output.jpg to the same folder. If you want to know more about java and javac -cp option, refer to this tutorial.

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