Saturday, July 8, 2017

How to Use Vim on Macbook Pro Touch Bar

I really love my new Macbook Pro 15" model, with just one exception: its touch bar. I have no idea why the heck Apple wants to force everyone to use the touch bar in this model. You see, in the 13" Macbook Pro, you actually have an option to choose either the standard function keys or the touch bar, but with the 15" model, there is no such option.

My big complaints about touch bar should probably go into a separate thread, so I will start right into with my solutions to cope with the touch bar. I map F2 and F3 to work as :tabp and :tabn in Vim, but it just won't work with the touch bar, as there no long is standard function keys. What is even worse is that there is no physical ESC key, which is the most essential key in using Vim.

I actually remap CAPS LOCK to work as ESC key. This is supported by Mac OS X by default. To set this, go to Preferences --> Keyboard --> Modifier Keys --> Caps Lock --> Escape. For standard function key shortcuts, I simply remap ;n to Fn where n could be from 1 to 12. That is, for example, I have the following liens in ~/.vimrc:

nnoremap ;2 :tabp<CR>
nnoremap ;3 :tabn<CR>

for switching between tabs with ;2 and ;3 keystrokes. It takes some time to get used to, but at least this remapping makes touch bar usable.

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