Saturday, July 29, 2017

Output Size Calculation for Convolution and Pooling Layers

I keep forgetting the exact equation for calculating the output size of convolution and pooling layers. Below are equations directly from tensorflow's official documentation:

For 'SAME' padding, we have
out_height = ceil(float(in_height) / float(strides[1]))
out_width  = ceil(float(in_width) / float(strides[2]))

For 'VALID' padding, we have
out_height = ceil(float(in_height - filter_height + 1) / float(strides[1]))
out_width  = ceil(float(in_width - filter_width + 1) / float(strides[2]))

Note that in tensorflow, a typical input is 4D tensor with shape [batch_size,  height, width, channels]. Thus, strides[1] and strides[2] corresponds to stride_height and stride_width, respectively.

Hopefully this is useful!

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