Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Setting up Your Web App with Flask

With Python Flask, you can easily setup a web application that is interactive. In this tutorial, we will build a simple deep neural network server that will classify the given image into one of the 1000 categories. When done, your app will look like

Let's create a folder where all your web app files will reside.
$ mkdir ~/web_app
$ cd ~/web_app

Install Flas, Keras and OpenCV modules
$ pip install flask keras opencv-python

Next, create two more folders as below
$ mkdir templates uploads

Create and copy the code below:

Create templates/index.html file and copy the code below:

Create templates/predict.html file and copy the code below:

That's it! Your web app will classify a given image---either uploaded directly from the client or using the web url---using ResNet50 pre-trained network.

To run the server, run
$ python

While the server is running, you can browse to http://SERVER_IP:8888 to view the web app, where of course SERVER_IP must be replaced with the server's actual IP address.

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